Social: Week of January 28

Two things to know in social this week:

  1. Facebook Q4 Earnings Call: It’s officially the mobile network
    • What is it? I never get tired of talking about mobile as it becomes increasingly apparent how essential it is/will be for brands to shift their thinking and look at mobile for marketing and commerce. More people are now accessing Facebook from a phone or a tablet than via desktop. Here are some fast facts:

-Out of 1 billion+ users, 618 million check Facebook from their phone or tablet

-157 million monthly active users access Facebook exclusively from a mobile device (mobile-only users)

-According to comScore, “Facebook is the top driver of awareness of new mobile application installs. Among those who learn about new apps on Facebook, 48 percent click directly from the Facebook app to download new mobile apps

-Check out this article for a plethora of charts breaking down Facebook usage, engagement and earnings released after the Q4 call.

    • What does it mean for brands? It’s time for brands to shift their thinking to mobile: apps, mobile-friendly websites and mobile Facebook ads are something brands need to consider. If you’re a brand with a Facebook presence and someone finds your page via mobile, they should be able to access your website or make a purchase directly from their device without problem.


  1. Facebook introduces “Facebook Cards”
    • What is it? According to Facebook Newsroom, “people can give their friends gifts to Jamba Juice, Olive Garden, Sephora, and Target all on one reusable gift card from Facebook.” After you select your gift, your friend will receive a gift card in the mail. The cards are reusable and anytime someone sends you money for one of the above retailers, it will automatically load onto your card. You can manage your various balances within your Facebook account.
    • What does it mean for brands? Right now, this is being gradually rolled out across the U.S. with only four brands in on the action. Once (if) this leaves beta, anyone with a brick-and-mortar or e-commerce shop can jump in on the action. It’s another way Facebook is bringing their experience from online to real life. There is a lot of buzz about Facebook investing more in commerce in the future so it will be interesting to see how well it performs in this already saturated market. It’s something to stay tuned for.


Links of interest:

  • Pinterest is rolling out a new design and there’s rumors that sponsored pins could be in the not-so-distant future.
  • Vine has exploded since it was first launched last week. Here’s 15 brands currently using the new Twitter app.
  • With the recently released stat of 90 million monthly active users on Instagram (and ad options hopefully not far behind) – here are the top 25 brands using Instagram.
  •  The  Crunchie awards have been announced! A great list to reference for the top mobile apps, e-commerce sites and emerging start-ups.

Pick of the week: Sharpie

Based on a Social Media Examiner case study:

Sharpie is an insightful case study for any brand who is looking to achieve share of voice in the teen market. It’s not easy to make permanent markers exciting, but Sharpie found a way to make their social presence visual and engaging. Their various platforms showcase art created with Sharpies. They also partnered with MTV and a popular teen magazine to host a party for the VMA’s, created a Shazam-enabled ad and launched a YouTube playlist (“Get Inspired”) where users can submit their artwork to be featured  on the channel.

1.png      2 3

From Social Media Examiner:


And Friday smiles: the Puppy Bowl.


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